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Chonky Peanuts™ Snuffle Mat

Chonky Peanuts™ Snuffle Mat

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Who does not love peanut butter ? Inspired by our chonky dogs, this design provides the required complexity in enrichment for our smaller fur friends like bunnies, cats, ferrets, hedgehogs, chinchillas, ducks and similar. Withplenty of place to hide treats / dog food with different materials to add a sensory dimension to the enrichment, this mat will soon become a favourite with your fur friend! And what's better? The peanuts have squeakers too. Let's give our pups a superior snuffling experience with the chonky peanuts snuffle mat! 🥜🐶❤️

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Canine Enrichment: Snuffle mats are designed to stimulate a dog's natural foraging instincts, provide mental stimulation, and build cognitive abilities.

Energy Releaser: Snuffle mats can help your dog burn their energy as they eat and play. This activity helps release happy hormones, allowing your dog to focus.

Slow Feeder: Fast eating can cause vomiting, stomach pain, or bloating. To keep away your furry friends from such mishaps you can use snuffle mats as a slow feeder.

Training Tool: Snuffle mats are a great tool for impulse control and distraction from undesirable activities. Helps in focusing on good behavior and rewards.


Make It Familiar: Introduce the snuffle mat to your dog in a calm and relaxed environment. Allow them to sniff and explore the mat to get familiar with it.

Prepare the Snuffle Mat: Spread out the snuffle mat on a flat surface, such as the floor or a table. Ensure that it's clean and free from any obstacles or distractions.

Food Placement: Place small treats or dry dog food evenly across the snuffle mat. You can also hide a few treats deeper into the fabric or knot them within the mat to increase the challenge.

Encourage Exploration: Encourage your dog to explore the snuffle mat by using verbal cues, such as "Find it" or "Search."

Snuffle mats are typically handmade and consist of a base material and various layers that create the snuffling experience.

Base Material: Sturdy and washable fabric is used as the base of the snuffle mat. Fleece, polar fleece, and cotton polyester webbing are commonly used due to their softness and durability.

Cutting the Strips: Base material is cut into long strips, typically ranging from 2 to 4 inches in width.

Fluffing the Strips: Once attached these mats are given a 3D shape for holding treats This creates a fluffy image.

Securing the Knots: They are attached, by sewing them in place. Sewing can provide extra durability, especially for enthusiastic snufflers.

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