The Story

Hello, my fellow pet parents!

This is Smriti, Founder & Owner - PawzNDogz and mom to Princess, my goofy furball and Chief Engagement Officer at PawzNDogz!

Here’s a little background about me; for 8 long years, I had dedicated my life in the corporate sector in IT, Non-Profit and retail across geographies (from India to US and now Canada).

So, you must be wondering how a corporate girl like me decided to make snuffle mats. Well, as you know I am a proud paw parent to my darling Princess and I wanted to create a product to help stimulate her mind while keeping her agile. And that’s when this idea struck me! After months of pondering and after having observed the unparalleled love that most pet parents have for their furry friends, I decided that it was time to create something to help our fur babies live their best lives!

With my background in the fields of Computer Science Engineering and MBA coupled with the unbounded love I have for dogs, I decided to convert my passion into my profession. My family and I spent endless hours researching and taking feedback from customers to understand what works in the market and what pa(w)rents are looking for, which led us to making thoughtfully designed snuffle mats which are now a crowd favourite!

We conceptualized the designs and colours of all our products, keeping in mind the breed, age, and temperament of dogs, to ensure the highest quality snuffle mats for your furry friend!

As a dog mom myself, I understand the difficulties that one might face while raising a canine friend and thus, if you have any queries or concerns regarding any of our products, then you can directly contact me without any hesitation. My inbox is always open!

We care for your precious ones just like ours.

The Promise

PawzNDogz is built on Quality, Care & Empathy

These three values are extremely valuable for us since we consider each customer as our own. We provide solutions for a dog and its needs, making each product and service highly personalised and tailored to the individual tastes of our customers and their pets. We believe that our fur babies deserve nothing but the absolute BEST!

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Say Hi to Princess!

In a world where wagging tails and wet-nose kisses reigned supreme, there lived a delightful little furball named Princess. With twinkling eyes and a heart full of boundless love, Princess is a canine enchantress who captured my heart the moment she came into my arms. Her silky fur shimmered like spun gold, and her playful spirit danced with a charm that was simply irresistible.

From her dainty pawprints to her graceful prance, Princess radiates a regal elegance that matches her name perfectly. With each joyful woof and wag of her tail, Princess brought a touch of magic to our life. She is a princess in every sense of the word, ruling over a kingdom of love, laughter, and furry cuddles. And so, our enchanting tale begins, with Princess leading the way, spreading warmth and happiness wherever her paws may tread.