Decoding Snuffle Mats

Have you heard of a snuffle mat for dogs? If you haven’t, then you probably are missing out on a great dog slow feeder and enrichment activity for dogs.

A snuffle mat is a toy or a puzzle toy that actively encourages dogs to engage their olfactory senses and employ their problem-solving abilities to navigate through the fabric and locate hidden treats. This interactive activity allows dogs to embrace their innate instincts while remaining in the comfort of their own home.  It helps in canine enrichment, mental stimulation, and cognitive ability building.

Canine Enrichment: Snuffle mats are designed to stimulate a dog's natural foraging instincts, provide mental stimulation, and build cognitive abilities.

Energy Releaser: Snuffle mats can help your dog burn their energy as they eat and play. This activity helps release happy hormones, allowing your dog to focus.

Slow Feeder: Fast eating can cause vomiting, stomach pain, or bloating. To keep away your furry friends from such mishaps you can use snuffle mats as a slow feeder..

Training Tool: Snuffle mats are a great tool for impulse control and distraction from undesirable activities. Helps in focusing on good behavior and rewards.

Make It Familiar: Introduce the snuffle mat to your dog in a calm and relaxed environment. Allow them to sniff and explore the mat to get familiar with it.

Prepare the Snuffle Mat: Spread out the snuffle mat on a flat surface, such as the floor or a table. Ensure that it's clean and free from any obstacles or distractions.

Food Placement: Place small treats or dry dog food evenly across the snuffle mat. You can also hide a few treats deeper into the fabric or knot them within the mat to increase the challenge.

Encourage Exploration: Encourage your dog to explore the snuffle mat by using verbal cues, such as "Find it" or "Search."

Snuffle mats are typically handmade and consist of a base material and various layers that create the snuffling experience.

Base Material: Sturdy and washable fabric is used as the base of the snuffle mat. Fleece, polar fleece, and cotton polyester webbing are commonly used due to their softness and durability.

Cutting the Strips: Base material is cut into long strips, typically ranging from 2 to 4 inches in width.

Fluffing the Strips: Once attached these mats are given a 3D shape for holding treats This creates a fluffy image.

Securing the Knots: They are attached, by sewing them in place. Sewing can provide extra durability, especially for enthusiastic snufflers.

  • Grapes Snuffle Mat 2

    Challege Level 4

    Highly complex, multi-puzzle mats recommended for very energetic and smart dogs across breeds and ages that are game for an extra challenge. The ultimate challengers!

  • Boundless Love Antibite Snuffle Mat

    Challege Level 3

    Complex puzzles recommended for highly smart and energetic puppies and dogs, recuperating young dogs and large dogs across ages. Also recommended for dogs who would love to graduate from Level 2

  • Fire & Ice™ AntiBite (Fire) Snuffle Mat

    Challege Level 2

    Moderately difficult recommended for smart small dogs and beginner medium / large breed puppies and dogs. Also recommended for small dogs and others who would love to graduate from Level 1

  • Best Fish Snuffle Mats

    Challege Level 1

    Simplistic single puzzle design recommended for small breed puppies and dogs, small pets, cats, beginner dogs and inactive dogs for building cognitive abilities

Sniff, Snuffle, Repeat with Paw-sitively Engineered Mats

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Take our snuffle recommender quiz & find the perfect snuffle mat for your pet.

Pet Type A Fishy Affair Fire & Ice
Divine Lotus
Boundless Love
Delicious Avocado
Radiant Butterfly
(For Large Dogs)
Challenger Bone Forbidden
Raw / Wet Food +
Kibble Fed Dogs
The Mat That Ranges
From Level 1 – 3
The All Rounder Staple Mat /
Starter Mat for Dogs
Dogs that need to be tired –
Too Much Energy!
Smart Dogs – The Puzzle Pros
Smart Dogs – The Hurling Type
Siblings – Who Love To Share
Chewers – Enthusiastic
Giant Breed Dogs
Large Breed Dogs /
Giant Breed Puppies
Medium Breed Puppies &
Dogs / Large Breed Puppies
Toy / Small Breed Dogs
Toy Breed Puppies /
Small Pets